Vibrating Mazda

I have 1999 Mazda 626 (4 Cyl). It vibrates significantly. I checked the motor mounts and them seem to be in good working order. Can anyone think of anything else to check?

When does it vibrate? Idle, when driving ???

In idle and when in Drive. It is worst when in Drive and I am at a stop.

First I’d wonder how you checked the mounts since it is often very hard to detect a torn or broken mount. But I don’t suspect that is a problem since your vibration is at idle.

The most likely possibility is that the car is misfiring or otherwise running roughly. Is the check engine light on? How old are your plugs and wires? Air filter? Fuel filter?

I just visually checked the mounts. I looked for torn or deteriorated rubber and didn’t see any. I am by no means an expert in this matter.

The check engine light is not on. The plugs and air filter are about six months old and the car was vibrating when I purchased it a year ago. I have never changed the fuel filter or the wires.

Visual check doesn’t always work.

Lift up hood of car, and put on emergency brake.
Place car in drive, press down on brake pedal firmly, and slightly apply other foot to gas pedal to increase rpms slightly. Watch to see how much the engine moves, or have an assistant watch engine movement.

Now switch car to reverse, and repeat procedure again.

Good engine mounts only let the engine move a couple of inches, at most.
A bad engine mount can have the motor move a whole lot.


Thanks for the info. I will try this out.