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2008 Mazda 6i airbag code 19

I was driving home this morning when I noticed the airbag light was on. When I got home I counted the flashes and the code was code 19. There is not a lot of information regarding this code for my specific car. Some places online says that code 19 for a Mazda 5 is RCM memory is full which happens after an accident. Thankfully I have never been in a accident.

Some info. There was a passenger in the passenger seat. All the controls on the steering wheel work (volume, cruise control, mute etc) so I am assuming the clock spring is working.

Any information/help would be helpful. Does anyone have the RCM diagnostic codes for the first Gen mazda 6?

I was able to get the problem fixed by getting a blue driver and reading the actual code. The airbag code was 19 based on the blinking on the dashboard but the actual code was B1932. After some research I found that the for the Mazda 6 it has to do with the driver-side air bad module (inflator No. 1) system resistance high. So I took off the airbag component and sprayed some wd40 on it to clean out any corrosion that could have been there. Plugged it and out several times and then put everything together. The code went away after that and it been two days. Hope this helps anyone in the future that has this code. FYI I am not a mechanic but just a guy who was short on money to bring it to the mechanic thus did things myself. If the code returns I’ll update this information.

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