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2006 Marquis airbag issue

I’ve got a 2006 Grand Marquis that has recently started to have an issue related to the airbag system. When I start the car, I am seeing a code 33 based on the indicator light flashing. After the code displays, the light remains on. Based on my research that code seems to indicate “Passenger Side Air Bag Circuit High Resistance or Open.”

I checked underneath the seat to make sure nothing was stuck down there interfering with the cables. Also tried resetting the connections to no avail.

Also, I don’t know if this is related, but the light started coming on shortly after I got a new battery for the car.

Is there anyway I can resolve this myself or am I going to have to take it to a mechanic?

Thanks for any information.

Someone with a good scanner should be able find and fix that problem in short order. That high resistance is not under the seat. Did you try the connections in the dash where the passenger airbag hooks up? Did you pull the airbag fuse or negative battery cable before you went to work on it? If there is some sort of odd issue that could make it pop inadvertently, that is your protection.

Keep in mind that your airbags will not deploy in an accident if the light is on. You probably want to get it fixed.

Do you have a passenger airbag off switch? might try cycling it on off a few times and see if that helps.

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