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2008 Kia Sportage - Reliability question

How reliable is the Kia Sportage engine and gearbox?

You asking about a 10 year old vehicle but don’t give a reason as to why. Only someone with a crystal ball can answer that.

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As unknown as any other 10 year old vehicle. At this point, maintenance done by the previous owners matters far more than what brand it is


Owners have not gone out of their way to report any problems with that vehicle’s drivetrain at our sister publication, CarComplaints. You may also consider checking Consumer Reports’ reliability ratings for that model. I took a peek at the CR website and the 2008 didn’t have much info, but the 2009, same generation, was rated 5/5 (top).

John, I have said this before. A 10 year old used vehicle stands on its own merit. Past problems could have been solved or it might not have had them at all. Forget Car Complaints and Consumer Reports and have a mechanic look at the thing then decide . Used is a gamble anyway.

I would not dismiss CR data so easily; nor would I say any 10 year car stands on its own merit. Of course how it was driven and maintained is a big factor. A good look-over by a paid mechanic can tell you something important. But given similar driving and maintenance, which would be likely to be more reliable at 10 years old: a Toyota Corolla or a Ford Fiesta?

Some engines and gearboxes have generic and/or inherent faults. This can be caused by design errors or using unsuitable materials. I draw your attention to the Freelander 1800 petrol engine. After 10 years such faults are well documented. I haven’t seen any reports about the Sportage engine and/or gearbox so I was wondering if anyone else had. For example, has someone asking about exactly the same thing but another marque. As they are too much of an unknown quantity I shall not be buying one.

Overall the drivetrain looks to be pretty reliable. Some reports of a P0711 code for the automatic trans and p0111 for the engine. Google “Kia” and those numbers for more info. Just keep the maintenance up to date, using the correct spec fluids. Flushing the automatic trans is not recommended for this vehicle…

While this is certainly true, I still stand by what I said. When you get to a 10 year old car, previous maintenance history matters far more than Brand/model. Consider after 10 years, if there are inherent faults/flaws they probably would have been found and replaced/fixed by this point if previous maintenance was taken care of

I agree with Shanonia in that I would not dismiss CR data (so easily).
I do not share the view that after 10 years generic/ congenital/inherent faults have been dealt with. Under warranty they may have been so dispensed. Despite this how many times have we seen manufacturers trying to weasel out of their obligations? When it comes to rust (and corrosion in general) a ten years old vehicle can be a nightmare, although not to me. You can see what’s on the outside but with an engine and transmission you get what’s on the inside. You can’t always hear a fault. Pussy footing about with an engine thinking you’re preserving it for later can (and does) lead to mirror polished bores and unbelievable oil consumption. You can’t hear it and it doesn’t always produce clouds of blue smoke. Valve guides and seals do but that’s trivial compared to glaze busting bores and fitting Cord rings. I KNOW I asked about the power plant and gearbox as I value information from the experienced. So I engender customer feedback as information from those with experience.
Talk to anyone (who had one) about problems with the Viva in the late 60’s and they’ll say clutch. The original lasted 15k. The replacement lasted 15k. Then the car rotted out.

Why did Lancia disappear from the UK market after the Beta?

These problems do not go away.

SO… tell me about ANY problems with the drive train. 20,000 cars will probably have had 20,000 owners. They can’t all be wrong.

Aye carrumba; I only asked about an engine and gearbox!!! I didn’t expect to precipitate Kia Sportage wars!

I would agree that a competent mechanic or FIY-er has to check that 10-years-old car and it’s condition is very important to be carefully assessed…

… but at that point I would turn around and say that model-specific track record is extremely important to determine if one wants to deal with 10+ years old car

let’s compare 10-yars old Corolla having 120K miles and currently in sound mechanical shape and 10-yars old Chrysler Cirrus with simialr mileage and in good mechanical condition

would you recommend one or another?

I bet I know the answer