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High mileage 2018 Kia Sportage?

I’m sure you’ve answered one version or another of this question a dozen times but here goes: As I’ve mentioned previously, the Mrs. is looking for a new vehicle to replace her 2003 Jeep Liberty Sport 4WD. We’ve found a used 2018 Kia Sportage LX AWD with just under 48K and I’m wondering just how good an idea it is. It’s 2 years old at the outside, which comes out to 24K or more a year, and to me that seems like a lot.

Granted, I drive about 8K a year so I’m not necessarily the best judge of this stuff but since the national average is about 13.5K a year I’m going to say it’s a lot. Not a lot in the grand scheme of things but a lot for a 2 year old (or less) vehicle. The expression “rode hard and put away wet” comes to mind. Is it better to assume the vehicle’s lifespan has been shortened by a couple of years and look at it as if it were closer to something like a 2016?

It’s also priced about $700 less than a 2016 EX (which, granted, is a higher trim level) with similar mileage at another dealership so there’s that too. Anyway, do I need to be concerned about the vehicle having relatively high mileage (for its age) or not? Is it better to put miles on a few at a time or all at once? Thanks.

Don’t you wonder why it is back on the used lot this soon ? I would . Do you really need AWD ? And as far as I am concerned the only other opinion about a purchase of any kind is the other person in my household.
As for this kind of question , yes there have been thousands of them.

First question: Yes, absolutely. I’m guessing the car belonged to a sales rep with a large territory or maybe someone who had a really long commute (not unheard of).
Second question: She’s used to 4WD. She puts the Jeep in 4WD in any remotely bad weather and it’s what she wants.

Are you talking just bad weather like rain or light snow on pavement ? If so that is just wrong . 4WD is not for paved surfaces.

Longevity wise the mileage would not bother me, Highway miles are the easiest so I would guess it was highway miles. An independent inspection would be good, it might be time for trans fluid change, tires and brakes. I do not know the sportage personally, you may want to research edmunds etc. to see if there are issues with that vehicle. Is any warranty included? Most dealers will provide you with a carfax if requested, though that may or may not mean much. Oil changes done on time would be another concern.

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Yes, I’m talking about on pavement. That’s the way she drives it and I have better sense than to say anything.


AFAIK there’s no warranty. They’re a Toyota dealer and only include warranties with Toyota products. They do sell various warranty packages but that’s not a good sign IMHO.

They will be glad to sell you a warranty plan, the consensus on this board is they are seldom worth it. Ask as it may come with a 30 day.

Then you do need an All Wheel Drive vehicle but not a true 4WD because what she is doing is not safe . At least the AWD vehicle will only activate when needed.


Yeah, that’s what I’ve read elsewhere too. It’s also been my own experience. I suspect it probably comes with a 30-90 day dealer warranty but their web site doesn’t say and I don’t want to assume. It just seems like any reputable dealer would stand behind a 2 year old car even if they didn’t sell it originally but that’s a big assumption.

I’ve bought new cars and used cars. I get such extremely better deals buying used cars and I drive them forever, well almost.

I managed a body shop once, so I make sure I’m not buying a repaired wreck. It helps that I’m pretty darn good at assessing a car (I spend a lot of time and effort doing it), do my own repairs/maintenance, etcetera, but any time one buys a used car there is a bit of uncertainty that goes with it (pig in a poke?).

If the price is right then it could definitely make a decent replacement vehicle. Dealers generally aren’t where I get my best deals, but I have.

You’ve give some details, but it would help give our expert panel a better idea what we’re dealing with if you reveal the asking/selling price of this vehicle.

Okay, here goes. Let’s see if I can embed a link to the dealer’s web site: The price is $15,785 and the mileage is 47,824.

Did you not click on the Autocheck button ? It has had an accident but does not give any details . And the stated factory warranty is 1/2 of the original warranty to the second owner so there is not much left.

Registered and owned in New York
Accident 10 months ago in Georgia , no air bags deployed
For sale in Missouri

And was a Rental vehicle.

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you need to investigate Hyundais warranty policy for 2nd owners as normally the powertrain is 10 years or 100000 miles . Bumper to bumper is normallly 5 years or 60000 miles but that may be for the original buyer , check into that before making your decision .

You are in Saint Louis , MO. , correct ? Just go look at a new Kia Sportage which will have full warranty , almost zero miles , lower finance rates and your area a Front wheel drive with good tires will be sufficient.

I generally steer clear (no pun intended) of used (or new) vehicles that have had collision repairs, especially if the extent of the damage/repairs is unknown. It’s generally a disqualifier for me (and I managed a collision repair shop!) because there are just too many used car fish in the sea to catch one that’s been wrecked and repaired.

I knowingly purchased a used car that had had body repairs, but the owner/private seller provided all the paper work from insurance and the shop and it was a deer strike and involved nothing mechanical. He also, provided the entire history of the car in sequential maintenance/repair paper work. The car got a new fender, basically. Also, we’re talking just a few thousand dollars for a car, not $15,000 plus.

Without knowing for certain what went on with the collision/repairs, I think I’d keep looking. Some wrecked/repaired cars never go down the road right afterwards. :black_flag:

I did but I don’t see anything about an accident. Original warranty is 100K/10 yrs. AFAIK so it should be okay from that perspective.

Then look again . The second owner only gets 1/2 of the original 100/10 and that is for the drive line . Not the entire vehicle .
Edit : Did you not see the post by Its me ?