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2008 Kia Sorento warning lights

Short version: battery and brake light started coming on, off and on for about three months, no worries…one day, light comes on and the car shuts off. Battery is drained, radio/dash board shuts off first, then the whole car. Needs a boost or battery recharge to drive car…continues for weeks…then all lights in the dash comes on before radio shuts off again and then battery drains…I’ve not had the car a year, has less than 94K miles

If a red brake light turns on, there are serious worries. You need to take it into auto repair and have a brake inspection and a charging system check, get them repaired, and then no worries.

Hello, thank you. I’m taking it Monday. I’ll keep y’all posted.

The battery warning light indicates a charging system failure, the alternator is probably failing.

Low battery voltage can also be the cause of the brake and ABS warning lights to be on. You shouldn’t ignore the charging system warning light.

It was the alternator
Got it changed and all is well so far…I’m either trading it in the spring or selling it

Thanks for the news. Good luck going forward!