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2008 Kia Rondo - clicking in the console

Recently there has been a clicking that comes from my steering console. It is more apparent after I use the blinker and clicks rapidly. Sometimes it just goes off on a rant even if I haven’t used my blinker and just one time for a minimum of 2 min started smoking. What could it be and how do I go about fixing it?

Don’t drive it until repaired, you don’t need a car fire.
Since “ started smoking” my guess is an electrical short. My guess is the multifunction switch that controls the turn signals. But you won’t know until it is disassembled.

Have it towed to a shop before you have a fire.


If I owned a vehicle that started smoking for even one minute, I would not drive it again until the electrical problem had been repaired. If you continue to drive it, you are courting danger for yourself, your passengers, and–ultimately–your wallet.