2001 Jetta makes noise when i turn it over!

It sometimes happens that when i start my 2001 jetta 1.8turbo, i get a screeching/grinding noise that sounds like an engine would when you turn the key to the stat position after the engine is already on. it’s not any belts, the sound is different. Any thoughts?


Starter or flywheel. Fix it now before more damage is done.

It is also possible that the bearing in the tensioner and/or the idler pulley for the serpentine belt is about to seize. While the noise from this problem is not usually as loud as the OP describes, it is possible that this is the problem. If one of those bearings seizes while you are driving, you will lose the belt, which also means that you will lose your power steering assist and the battery will be stressed by the loss of the alternator’s charge.

While this possibility is much less expensive than a starter or flywheel problem, it is definitely something that you want to avoid. Arrange with your mechanic to drop your car off at night, so that he can hear the noise upon cold start-up the next morning. If he listens to your cold engine with a mechanic’s stethoscope, he should easily be able to determine if the noise is coming from belt tensioner bearings, the area of the starter and flywheel, or some other area.

I have a manual transmission, how might the flywheel be the cause of the sound? It doesn’t sound like anything mechanical.

I also notice that the car sometimes idles a bit (+/-50 rpm) funny. And sometimes it gets that compressor “kicking-in” sudden dip while its in idle.