2008 Volkswagen Jetta no power when I hit the gas

Starts and runs but when I give it gas makes a noise and doesn’t have power

Is the check engine light on? Is the transmission manual or automatic? How many miles on your Jetta?

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I really hope that you have checked the level of the motor oil.

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Hard to say. It’s possible the engine is revving and the transmission or clutch is giving you trouble. What does the noise sound like?

Have you tried cleaning the throttle body?

What engine?

As mentioned by VDCdriver, checking the motor oil level is step one.
Noise and no power could point to the beginning of an engine seizure or a worn out engine. Hopefully this is not the case but it’s an all too common problem.


And, it is one of the easiest engine problems to prevent…


And, it is one of the easiest engine problems to prevent…

And the one that most easiest to be forgot about for a lot of people.

… and then, they come to this forum to announce that they will never buy another X-mobile because its engine “self-destructed”. When they are pressed for details, we finally nail-down the reality that the complainer was to blame, and then they proceed to argue with us that “this never happened to any of my other cars”.

This will continue to occur, simply because so many people fail to assume personal responsibility, or because they “have more important things to do than check the oil”.

Lather, rinse, repeat, ad infinitum…

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Agree with you 100%.

wait are you guys saying you need to check and change your oil!? LOL

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\\\Oh the very idea of doing that /////