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2000 impala it has sat for 4 years. now I decided to use it and the trans is very very stiff. cant shift it it is so stiff. anything easy I can do to loosen it up.

Are you unable to get it out of park? If so, are your brake lights working? Your brake light switch also activates the solenoid to allow you to shift out of park.

Are you talking about the gear selector itself?? Are you having problems physically moving the gear selector from “P” to any other gear position or are you saying that when the trans is in “D” the whole vehicle is not rolling the way it should?? After sitting for 4 years its entirely possible that the brakes are dragging real bad. Can you be more specific of the problem.


Manual or automatic?

The trans it self. Does not budge. The lever on the trans that the shift cable connects too. will not move.If I disconnect the cable I should be able to move it from park to reverse to drive and so on. But it is to stiff to do that. I think if I was able to loosen it up the trans would be fine…

Thank you for the help


they work . thank you

To me it sounds like the cable. Take the cable of at the trans. Still hard? Take it off at the shifter. I bet the shifter moves freely now.

Is the car on a slight hill?
Have another car nudge the car to get it off the park lock, and see if it will then shift out of park.