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2008 Hyundai Tucson - odd handling

Dear Ray,
Long time fan.
We have a 2008 Hyndai Tuscon that has 85,000 miles on it. We have done needed maintenance on it and it has run well. Sometimes, I worry because it handles oddly and usually that is tire pressure or alignment. I worry that something like a bearing might go bad. Please give me advice about what to do for the car to get longer wear out of it. We are not knowledgeable about anything other than oil, tire pressure, brakes…those common things. Thanks, Barbara Z., Pittsburgh * P S : This is the first car I ever got new, so I don’t want to screw it up.

Bearings, I assume you mean wheel bearings, don’t get replaced until they need it and they will start making a grinding noise at which point you would take it to your dealer or independent mechanic.Some people have more confidence in a dealer, you will usually find lower prices at an independent shop. National chains like tire shops, Pep Boys etc seem more convenient because you don/t need an appointment and they are open longer hours but I believe you are more likely to find a hard sell for unneeded work, less competence and scare tactics.

Look in your owners manual for what services are needed at what mileages. For example. oil change places are still recommending 3000 mile oil changes even though I am not aware of any car maker that calls for that early an oil change. Do not go over on the time period for yor your oil changes even though you are under the mileage.

If your Tuscon is a 4 cylinder, you have a timing chain and you don’t have to worry about that unless it gets noisy. If you have the V6, you are about 3 years overdue for changing it by time.

The only things that are not called for in your manual that I would do is change the transmission fluid and brake fluid. If it has been several years since a brake job, I might have it done the next time it needs brakes.