2017 Hyundai Tucson steering needs constant correction

Hyundai Tucson, 8000 miles, 1 year old, anything over 50 mph on a roads and motorways, steering needs constant correcting to go straight line and steering wheel feels stiff at straight ahead position, you can almost feel a notch in rack ! really tiring on long runs, sport or normal mode. little or no difference accross the board.

Test drive a similar vehicule and compare. If you cannot duplicate the symptoms on the other vehicule ask the dealer to fix yours. Its under warranty.

Have the dealer, or, preferably, a good front end shop check the 4 wheel alignment. And the rack may be notchy: there’s likely an adjustment on the side of the rack’s body that can loosen or tighten the side-to-side action of the mechanism. Too loose, there’s play and rattling. Too tight: notchy steering.

Best guess, your alignment is toed out and the front end is “hunting” to find a stable position - which it won’t.


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More than likely, the problem is bad wheel alignment, and while this is usually considered to be a warranty issue during the first couple of months of ownership, most manufacturers will not pay for alignment correction after ~2 months of ownership–which actually makes sense. If a vehicle’s alignment is out-of-whack one year after purchase, it is much more likely that the problem resulted from the owner hitting some big potholes, rather than alignment that was “off” right from the start.

When I took delivery of my 2011 Outback, I immediately noticed that I had to do almost constant steering correction, so I took it back to the dealership w/in a couple of weeks, and they found that the alignment of one of the rear wheels was… way off.

The service manager’s theory was that the guy who unloaded my car from the car carrier probably really whacked that tire on the curb when backing the car off of the carrier. He may or may not have been correct, but at least the problem was rectified under warranty. If I had waited for one year, I seriously doubt if they would have done a realignment without charge.