Main bearing of the engine worn out

At 55,000 miles, I brought the solara for a regular soil and lube. I mentioned the mechanic the noise was suddenly coming out of the engine. He recommended cleaning up and to try a few oil changes (2 or so). At ~60,000 miles have had a break meltdown that required a new master cylinder and break buster ($1400), mentioned the noise again (it had not stopped). Got same answer, the car could run safely. At 60,000 got the car in again for an oil and lube, and mentioned the noise again. Now it turns out that the main bearing of the engine is worn out at must be replaced. thee cost is ~$5,000.
I have made regular oil changes but at 7000-10000 miles (my fault). Toyota would not honor the warranty because I have not taken care of the car (have not made oil changes every 3000 miles) I am asking the general audience, is it worth the time to fight the dealer to get it fixed under warranty, wouldn’t it be better to sell the car to buy another …. …. Or is it worthy to fix it?

What year is the Solara? If it is still covered by the Toyota warranty you might have a case. Toyota oil change intervals are not every 3,000. Check your owners manual for service recommendations and dig out the warranty info that came with the car.

Worn main bearings are generally due to not changing the oil often enough or running the engine low on oil and that also signifies that more than likely the entire engine has problems so it’s not a simple matter of changing bearings out.

The maintenance schedule shows an oil/filter change every 5k miles or 6 months. By your statement you have been lax in this by going 7 to 10k miles so this should not be a warrantable issue. You can ask but do not get upset if you’re denied.

Just curious, but how often do you raise the hood and check the oil level?

I think the recommended oil change interval is 5,000 miles for this car. It’s hard to imagine even going 10,000 miles w/out a change, that it would damage the bearing enough to make a noise. Unless something else happened too, like the oil was more than a quart low for an extended period of time, esp if the car was driven for long distances, esp in hot weather, with the oil level low.

What should you do? I say try to negotiate something with Toyota, they pay half, you pay half, something like that. $2500 seems a fair deal for you. If they say it’s a “no go”, then take the car to an independent mechanic or two and get some quotes. Replacing one or two crankshaft bearings shouldn’t cost $5,000. I expect you’ll find someone who’ll do it for about $2500. Replacing crankshaft bearings is much easier than an engine rebuild, and $5000 should be close to enough for an entire engine rebuild, or at least a stock rebuilt engine from an engine rebuilding outfit.

I think fixing the bearing at an affordable price of around $2500 is better than new car payments any day.

Ah, another in a long line of Toyota owners who didn;t follow the maintenance schedule. Toyoota engines of that period (by the way, what IS the year of the car? And how many miles are on it? And what engine does it have?) have a tendency to sludge if not kept maintained.

You neglected it, you owne th cost of the repairs.

The shop is suggesting cleaning it out with a few oil changes in a short period. You could even try using some additive from the parts store. FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS ON TH BOTTLE…do NOT leave that stuff in there longer than the directions indicate.

If the noise does not go away…you own it.

I’m also wondering if this engine has been run low on oil. Has it been kept at the proper level all along?

“I brought the solara for a regular soil and lube.”

There’s the problem right there! Dirt in the engine! ;o)

I bet there’s more worn out than the main bearings.

Guys–This is a duplicate post.
The OP posted the same question twice, within minutes of each other, on 10/23.

If the OP puts all of the responses from both threads together, he/she will–hopefully–realize that this was a self-imposed problem, and thus is not eligible for any warranty coverage. Also, hopefully the OP will learn that maintenance is always cheaper than the repairs that result from lack of maintenance.

For a full look of the variety of responses, take a look at:

VDCdriver wrote:
Guys–This is a duplicate post.
The OP posted the same question twice, within minutes of each other, on 10/23.

Well, that’s annoying.