2005 Outback 3.0L front suspension noise still an issue

I just replaced both front strut mounts on my 2005 Outback. I was 100% sure that it would resolve an ongoing noise/rattle in the front end when driving over bumps and generally rough roads. Good news is it did help with some of the noise because the strut mount bearings were shot. But much to my disappointment after putting everything back together I still have a rattle (more like the sound when you shake a shoe box with a tennis ball inside it) in the right front suspension somewhere. When lifted the right front wheel is solid with no wobble left to right or top to bottom so I"m thinking it is not a tie rod but I am not a professional mechanic. Should I take the right front strut back off and check the new mount or is there an easier answer. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

This vehicle has 139,000 miles on it.

I would take it to a suspenion specialist and have them check it over. Don’t undue your work. As long as you toqued it to spec, that should not be your problem.

Check the front sway bar bushings for wear.

If the bushings are worn, the front sway bar can make that kind of noise when going over bumps.