2008 Honda CR-V water in spare tire well

2008 Honda CRV water in spare tire well. Will dealer or manufacturer help with this? It doesn’t seem to be an uncommon problem.

You can certainly ask them to, but I would be shocked if they would offer anything at all on a 10 year
vehicle. Have you figured out where the water is getting in from?

Sure they will help find the problem, repair it, and charge you for it at the normal hourly rate. Or you can take a close look yourself. I had that problem with my Pontiac and couldn’t figure out where the water was coming from using a hose to douse the back. Even had the tail light housings off and re-sealed them. Then I discovered there was a plastic grommet out of place that sealed the spare tire area. When I had a hitch put on, they forgot to put the grommet back in place. Take a hose and spray it around thinking like a drop of water. Trunk seal, and open holes in the bottom, or where wires enter the body, etc. Save some money. Or just ask the dealer and if its a common problem they can maybe point you in the right direction free.

Good ideas above. Usually it is something allowing rain water to enter the cabin, then it runs under the carpet etc to the lowest point, which is the spare tire well. Besides the above, check for tailgate corrosion near rear license plate trim. TSB 08-072. My guess however is the entry point is either associated with the top of the rear hatch area, or the tail lights. Make sure all the rubber bits and caulking is in place and not cracked in those areas.