Water in honda's trunk

Each time it rains there is from 1 to 2 or more, inches of water where the spare tire is. It doesn’t get anything above it wet only at the bottom. I’ve had the trunk lining replaced, but that hasn’t solved the problem.

Any solutions?

Thanks, Gary

has this car had rear end body work done?

sounds like the rubber trunk gasket is either installed wrong, or there is rust under the rim, letting water in. by any chance do you have a CB radio or satellite antenna wire going out through the trunk? those wires
can allow the gasket to not get seated too.

but my money is on the gasket being knocked off the steel rim of the trunk.

often people dragging luggage and stuff out of the trunk will dislodge the seal too.

the trunk gasget was the 1st thing the mechanic thought of so that was replaced, but it didn’t solve the problem. As I said, nothing above the spare tire gets wet at all. & there’s not any kind of antenna out of the trunk. But, thanks. GM

This Honda wouldn’t happen to be a 1993-1995 Civic would it?

It’s a '98 Accord.

The gasket may be good, but, is the trunk lid sealing against the opening?
Place strips of paper between the lid and the opening. Close the lid. Pull on each strip of paper. Any pieces of paper which pull out without any resistance is an area where the trunk lid isn’t sealing. Adjust the lid until all strips of paper have resistance to being removed.

Have you looked closely at the spare tire well itself? Perhaps it rusted through and water is being splashed up inside.

It’s a '98 Accord.

Check the gaskets between the body and the taillights.

I had a similar problem, turned out it was small crack in one tailight