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2009 Honda CRV - Struggles to start on cold days

My 2009 Honda CRV struggles to start on very cold days. I need to hold the key and turn it longer than I would on most days. Is this something I should be concerned about or is it normal.



How much longer?

How often do you drive it?

I drive it everyday. and it seems like 30 secs longer and it only happens first thing in the morning on a very cold days. I would say when it is in the teens or lower.

30 seconds is a little extreme, yeah.

What’s it sound like when it’s turning over? Slow? Like it’s hard for it to actually turn over? Have you had your battery checked?

It sounds like it is struggling to turn over. The car just pasted inspection in November and no concerns with the battery where noted.

Doubtful they did a very good inspection on the battery, especially since your car was probably running for the other inspection tests, and so even if they took a voltage reading it would have been high since it would have been being charged by the alternator. I’d have it specifically tested. Battery/parts stores can generally do this for you, usually for free.

I suspect that your battery is weak, and batteries always get more weak in cold temperatures, so an already weak one would have trouble when the thermometer dips.

…especially if one does a lot of short-trip local driving.

My rule of thumb is not to crank the starter more than 10 seconds at a shot. Cranking for longer is a recipe for starter failure. Leave it overnight on a cold night at the dealer so they can diagnose the assumed problem in the am, as 30 seconds is way too long.