2008 Honda Civic



My Honda Civic is almost three years old. I have never had any trouble with it, but the other day I drove out of the driveway a little fast and hear sort of a whizzing noise. Took it to the dealer and they said that is normal. I hate to disagree with them but I have never heard it before and he said it is probably because I have never driven in reverse real fast.


Hondas do use a spur (straight teeth) gear for reverse and it is normal for them to make a whirring or whizzing noise in reverse, more so at higher speeds.


Does your Civic have a manual transmission?


even the automatics do this. It’s normal. If you get it going fast enough it almost sounds like an old fashioned police siren :wink:


My family owns four Honda’s and they do make this noise in reverse at higher speeds (relatively high in reverse of course). I would say it’s definitely normal.


It’s normal. Most vehicles are not designed to be driven fast in reverse. For obvious reasons…it’s not a good idea.