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09 civic whirring

I posted last month about my new 09 honda civic making a ‘whirring’ engine noise. It did it from 0 miles to now - 850 miles on the odo.

When it’s cold idling, it whirs til warm. It always whirs while accelerating up from 1st thru 3rd gears. I went and test drove another new civic and it did the same thing. Just normal. I traded a V6 Nissan Frontier which didn’t make noise so I thought my new car was a lemon.

This post is just to follow up and for anyone else that might think the noise in their new Honda is a problem…it is not, unless all civics need a recall which I doubt. Thanks.

So, where is this “normal” “whirring” noise coming from? Those of us who don’t drive '09 Civics want to know.

What makes the noise?