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Bought a 2009 civic but

2009 Honda Civic. 110 miles. When I start up cold I can hear a ‘whirrr’ sound from the engine in park. If I rev it in park, the ‘whir’ sound emulates the revs. Is this normal??? I had an 06 Nissan Frontier pickup with V6 but it never did that. Also, does this engine have a timing chain or belt? Thanks.

I believe Honda has gone to chains for their cam drive, but you should check your owner’s documentation for sure. If the maintenance schedule says to replace the cam drive belt, then you have a belt. If there’s no mention of such a belt, then you can assume there’s a chain. It may depend upon which engine your Civic has, since there are three different Civic engines.

I can’t tell if the noise is normal because I can’t hear it. The car is under warranty, so I wouldn’t worry to much. If it gets worse take it to the dealer. You could also go listen to another new Civic on the dealer’s lot and see if it makes the same noise.

I’m with McP on this. Try another at the dealer’s and see if it makes the same whir. If not, bring it in and let them tell you what it is.