2007 Honda CR-V - AC parts?

Do I need to replace the air conditioner clutch with Honda certified parts? The air conditioner works when I first start my engine, then it stops. I took it to my service station and they added 12 units of freon. That did not work, so I took it back and they said the air conditioner clutch starts out working correctly then seems to shrink not working properly and only blows out hot air.

No, you don’t need OEM parts for your compressor.
I think you need to find an AC specialist, not a chain shop. I question the shop that added the refrigerant, 12 “units” of freon,whatever that means, and they did not notice the compressor problem or locate any leaks? Check mechanic files at the top of the home page. Also check yelp reviews and BBB site.

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Thanks, good information. I’ll look for a specialist.

The complaint is a bit murky but it sounds almost like you’re describing the compressor clutch as short cycling. Given the fact they added “freon” this would mean that it has a leak and has likely leaked refrigerant out again. It will do so until the leak is fixed.

I doubt the clutch is the problem. It’s more than likely a compressor shaft seal which is where the majority of A/C leaks occur. Refrigerant leakage leads to screwy low/high side pressures and the clutch kicking in and out. The car is 13 years old so it’s past due for leaks.

Thanks, I’ve called a local place that only does air conditioners and radiators. I’ll be taking it there next week just to be certain since Pep Boys did not find the problem initally.