2008 Honda Accord Sdn - Hard starting and codes

I have a 2008 Honda Accord with 95K miles and an intermittent problem that I’ve “fixed” multiple times, and it’s driving me crazy. Sometimes (especially if I’ve driven, parked the car and returned within 30 minutes), the car needs to be cranked a few times to start. The check light engine comes on (and the VSA light), and while I’m driving, the car sputters a bit, especially at 3000 rpm. The code is P0039, crankshaft position sensor. I’ve replaced this twice, updated the software both times…and after the latest fix (with an OEM CPS), it returned after 4 weeks. If I leave the car sitting for awhile (overnight), it starts fine, and after awhile, the check engine light will disappear when I start the car. I took it to the dealer last week (as I’d been to my local trusted shop prior), and they said it might be the starter, if it was a non-OEM starter (I’ve never replaced the starter motor). They said a flaky starter could trigger the P0039 code and then cause the resulting sputtering while driving (esp if I try to rev to 3000 rpm). They said replacing the starter may fix it, but of course, might not. I asked the mechanic what he’d do, and he said he’d drive it until the starter truly died, and then he’d know it was the starter. I’m thinking it’s an ignition wiring issue. I did have low oil several months ago, and didn’t realize until I started to hear a bit of a grinding noise when I turned and accelerated. I fixed that quickly, adding 5 qts.
I’m continuing to drive this car, but it’s starting to scare me. Before I start looking for something new, I’d appreciate your assessment. I hear this issue has happened on other 2008 Accords, in fact, I met a guy whose brother has the same issue…and after trying to fix it, he simply lives with it.

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If you were really 5 quarts low ( have you even checked the oil level lately ) you have done serious damage to the engine . You should be checking the oil every week.

I wasn’t 5 quarts low. It took 5 quarts to fill it up, vs 4 qts the last time.

I do check periodically.

You are correct, though, I may have gotten too low and now have serious engine damage. How can I determine this? The car runs fine and then this issue with sputtering at startup happens, usually if I’ve driven, parked for a short
time, and then started it up again.

After replacing the crankshaft position sensor a month ago, it ran fine without any issues until now.

Your Honda only hold 5.6 quarts of oil. So yes you were 5 quarts low. And periodically is not good enough . As I wrote you need to check every week so you don’t get that low again.
If you are in the US most AutoZone stores will read codes. Post the actual code here and maybe one of the excellent mechanics that appear here can offer good advice.

Code P0039

I fixed it twice and the issue recurs periodically. The dealer thought a faulty starter motor could be the source triggering the code.