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2008 Grand Cheeroke

Need advice. Both passenger and driver front windows get stuck in down position. What do you think the problem is and can it be repaired by me? Thank-you in advance

It can be repaired by you. Remove the inner door panel on the driver’s side and check to see if there’s voltage to the regulator motor when you hit the “down” button. If not, you may have a short in the wiring harness, usually where the harness bends as the door gets opened and closed.

Or, the up/down switch itself could be bad. You’ll need to check for voltage at the switch where the power goes in and where it goes out. To determiine which wire it is, you’ll need a schematic…not a wiring diagram, a schematic with wire color codes. A dealer parts shote should be able to provide you with this. To check for voltage, you’ll need a voltmeter with pin probes. You’ll have to carefully cut the harness wrap and seperate the wires. Be advised that the wires may not be “hot” unless the key is ON.

NOTE: I’m not recommending trying to check with an ohmmeter. If the circuit is in parellell with another (and it likely is), you’ll end up measuring the resistance/continuity of the other circuit rather than the one you’re trying to trouble shoot. The switch could be open and you could still measure a good connection, albiet perhaps with some minor resistance. Using an ohmmeter requires disconnecting a device or circuit.

The reason I suspect the driver’s side is because the circuit for both windows goes through the driver’s side first to enable the driver to operate both.

When they are “stuck” in the down position, what do you do to get them back up?

I tend to think your problem is more likely in the switch(es). I have yet to have to rewire a door on a vehicle that new, but I’ve replaced MANY switches, and a few regulators and motors. I don’t think your regulator is bad, but if you press your ear against the door when you actuate the switch, do you hear ANYTHING happening inside the door? Even a muffled pop? Do that test with the key on, and engine off, or all you’ll hear is the engine.