2008 Ford F150 4x4 intermittant squealing when turning left

Hi. I’m new to the forum but love Click and Clack. I have a Ford F150 4x4 that has an intermittant squealing sound. It is most prominant when traveling at low speeds (<30 mph) and turning left. It will continue when driving straight and/or coasting, but stops when applying brake pressure, turning right or accelerating to highway speeds (or I just don’t hear it over the engine noise). The truck was bought used in Nov and only has 20,000 miles on it. Could it be the bearing or a sticking brake caliper? Thanks for your input.

The first possibility I would look at would be the brake wear indicators on the brake pads. You probably need new pads, though you’re likely in the early stages of the warning.

The squealing does not occur when the brakes are applied, only whe traveling at low speeds and turning left (like driving thru a very large subdivision and turning left into side roads). My husband took it to a Ford dealership. They took off the tire and saw nothing when looking at the brakes. Then took it for a ride to try to get it to squeal, but it didn’t. He drove home, only to have it scream in the subdivision. He drove back to the dealership and they tried again to get it to repeat, to no avail. They said to drive it and the sound will stop, or it will warp the rotors and that will be covered by the powertrain warranty anyway! Not very happy with this answer.