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A squeeling Ford F150

I have a Ford F150 with a hundred and four thousand miles on it. I tell people it’s the best type of vehicle to own because it’s one that’s paid for.

So hear’s my annoying problem:

When the car has come up to normal operating temperature and I’m stopped with my foot on the brake such as at a traffic light, or a drive through window, the truck produces a high pitched squeel which sounds like a slipping belt. If I take my truck out of drive, and put it in nuetral, or park, the sound stops. My mechanic has tried to find the source of the sound but was unable to pinpoint it.

Hopefully you can help, if not for me, then for the poor person taking my drive through order.

Well most likely you have a slipping belt. The fact that the sound quits when the belt is not under load supports this.
Get a new mechanic and replace the serpentine belt.

It is a squealing belt. Replace the serpentine belt. I guess you just have a very lazy mechanic.

I agree with the serpentine belt may be the cause, but, also, the transmission seems suspect to me. When was the last time the transmission had a fluid and filter change?