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Clutch fan on 2002 envoy

if the clutch fan was going out would it cause my car to stall and not restart for several minutes?

Unlikely. The only reason that would work in my imagination would be if the fan clutch was electronically controlled (some are) and that it sensed an overheat and had some protocol to initiate a FORCED shutdown. This would be unlikely …and would surely result in some other warning as to not leave you in the middle of the freeway with not even the option of doing something damaging.

What causes you to look at this as the reason for your stalling/starting issue??

The Trailblazer/Envoy/Ascender fan clutch is electronically controlled. It’s been a source of numerous issues from replacement requiring re-calibration by the dealer to problems with inadequate cooling for A/C operation while idling. I have never heard any issues related to stalling from the fan clutch. Can you describe your problem in more detail and, as geeaea asked, explain why you suspect it is contributing to the problem?

after returning from my trip, i contacted my local gmc dealer and took it in to be looked at. The service department said that they found no trouble message in the data as when the car stalled the abs light was on. Upon further talking with the service dept they said that they only found that the clutch fan needed to be replaced at a cost to me of 775.00

after sitting alongside the freway for about 15 minutes the car restarted, I contacted my local gmc service and they took a look at it, they told me that they found nothing wrong and did not know why the abs indicator had come on. I took the vehicle home when i noticed a very loud noise as I accelerated, i called them back and they told me it was the fan clutch assembly and it would cost me 775.00 for the repair. I thought it was odd since it worked great til they looked ayt my car.

I surely wish I could get $775 for replacing a fan clutch!!

So, if I understand you correctly, you called them and they diagnosed a bad fan clutch over the phone based on your description of the noise? If so, time to see someone else for a second opinion.

When the fan clutch goes, it is often described as a roaring, industrial sized fan. Is that how you would describe it?

Often, the failure is accompanied by a SES code since the computer is constantly monitoring and adjusting the fan speed. You did not mention the SES light being lit…

The 2002 model year had problems with fan clutches and they have since been re-designed.

They are very costly to replace. Ranging from $600-$800 at the dealer. So, it pays to know it is the fan clutch and not something else. A higher pitched whine is more likely the belt tensioner pulley for example. Or maybe an alternator bearing going out.

Tons of good info over on the Trailvoy site…

I surely wish I could get $775 for replacing a fan clutch!!

What’s stopping you? Aftermarket clutches go for around $200 and then you can see how much money you can make after your labor and equipment costs. Of course, the OEM clutches are around double that for people that insist on genuine parts. It’s a free market just waiting for someone to fill it…

yes they said that is what it was and it does sound like a an industrial fan with a loud roar. You can hear me coming for a mile it seems like. They still said they found no error code in the computer data.