Cooling Fan Clutch too long

I need to replace the fan clutch on my 1993 Ford E150 Club Wagon 4.9L Chateau. The original part, YB466 has been replaced. The new ones are all too long and the fan will hit the radiator. The original is 2-3/8" long front to back, including the nut. The replacement ones available are 2-5/8" or longer. I have talked to our local machinist, and he says the new parts cannot be made shorter. The water pump shaft is not long enough to allow shortening. He says look for a shorter water pump. Any suggestions?

I have one suggestion.

Install an electric radiator fan that cools the radiator instead of the fan clutch.


Have you checked the length on after market clutch?

Every fan clutch I’ve found for this vehicle on the net is 2.8" tall.

Time for an electric fan for the radiator.


Try NAPA. I mean looking for a proper part should not be an issue.

An electric fan would be a good alternative if it can be switched to deal with the AC and engine temperature. By the time the radiator is hot enough to trigger a switch the AC could be pushing beyond the systems pressure limits.

I would use either an electric fan or a “Flex” fan.

I second the Flex Fan. Use a spacer to get it close to the radiator, about 3/4 inch away. Electric fans are OK but you can’t put as much HP to the cooling with an electric fan (or 2 fans) as you can with an engine driven fan. With the Big 6 in a van, that might be a problem. The flex fan runs all the time drawing air at low speeds but flattens out at highway speeds to save a bit of fuel.

Is it the fan clutch or the actual fan blades that hits the radiator? If the clutch fits but the blades hit the radiator then the fan blade is being installed backwards or the fan can be spacered out from the clutch hub to give proper clearance.

I wonder what the Ford dealer does. I’m sure they have had this problem. Oh… Never mind they just tell you that you need a new van. Sunsetter is doing the that with me. “Sorry sir we don’t make parts for that model anymore, but we can offer you a discount on a new Sunsetter patio cover”.

Could the OP be mounting the blades to the wrong side of the clutch.

I don’t know if all are this way, but on mine the fan blades get mounted to the side of the clutch…facing the engine.


This sounds strange to me… Getting parts for a 93’ van shouldnt be an issue… at all.

This is what the net is for… Lots of ways round this…the first is the electric fan method mentioned by tester. It is easy to install…and frees up some engine power in the exchange…a win win…

Otherwise…Im sure you can find the proper clutch on the net…