2017 Ford Escape check engine light

My check engine light came on 2017 Ford Escape how can I reset to turn it off? Not the oil change light I already know that
It’s the check engine light
Thank you :blush:

Why not get the codes read at any auto parts store for free and then post them here. They will be in the form of
P0123, P0234 etc… Then we can help you fix the problem.

You can clear the codes, but they will come right back until you fix the problem.


By fixing what ever is telling the computer to turn on the check engine light.

A 2017 should still be under warranty, take it to the dealer.


This light is telling you that your car has a problem. Why do you want to turn it off without fixing the problem?

Turning off the CEL without fixing the underlying problem is the automotive equivalent of touching-up the X-rays in order to conceal a malignancy. And, in any event, the light will just keep turning itself back on until the underlying problem(s) is/are repaired.

Unless the OP has racked-up an incredible number of miles in just a year or so, the car’s multiple warranties will still be in effect. Ergo… free repairs at the dealership.