2008 Ford Edge - Clanks then normal

Vehicle in motion on city road when vehicle all of a sudden makes loud/hard clank noise and immediately loses power - almost like it started towing a trailer! Loss of power, wrench light, TPS light, airbag light all come on, speedometer stops working. Pulled over, loud/hard clank sound with every gear change P-2. Vehicle had displayed no issues prior to this. Dropped vehicle off at mechanic, when he looked at it next morning, vehicle is running perfect. Today is a Friday, I was supposed to go out of town (via I75) but I am going to stay local as it does not feel safe to drive on the highway. I am greatly concerned about what appears to be a HUGE safety issue with this car. There are multiple complaints about the same issue to be found all over the internet with no fixes known. Ford needs to issue a recall and fix this ASAP before someone gets seriously hurt or is killed from the extreme loss of power the vehicle is suffering from when this happens.

Is it AWD or two wheel drive?

What safety concern? You didn’t tell us what was wrong or what was fixed. Didmit magically fix itself or didnthe mechanic fix it. You don’t say. You didn’t even ask a question.

It is a 2008 Ford Edge Limited with AWD.

Did you miss the part about driving down the road and suddenly hearing a clanking sound and losing power? Like literally from 45mph to 10mph… You don’t think that’s a safety concern? The mechanic didn’t fix it because he couldn’t replicate the issue.

Ford is not going to issue a Recall on this 11 year old vehicle nor should they do so . Don’t know what gear change P-2 means but you might need a different mechanic .

That was helpful. Thank you.
P-2 meaning the clanking sound occurred in Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive, 1, and 2.

Have you had any work done on the AWD? Ford had problems with that on the Edge. It may not be related to your issue.

Noises are not a safety concern uless they result in more than just noise.

Loss of power is also generally not a safety concern. Annoying, sure, but not safety.

Any you just told us the mechanic couldn’t replicate it and so didn’t fix it.

It is never a good policy to snap at people trying to help you, for free, when you don’t explain your problem effectively.

many folks report loss of power and the fear of stalling in front of oncoming semi. and many report no problems. i think most of the 08 edge owners decide to trade for a new rig.

Google “Edge AWD loss of power”. This link might help.


A recurring theme seems to be the Throttle Body assembly.

Ed B.