2008 dodge avenger

i got new brakes put on a few months ago month (semi-metalic)

anyway anytime I drive and it is raining , when my car comes to a to a complete stop, and I hit the gas to shift into second gear my car sort of stutters like it doesn’t want to shift but then it does

i took it to two mechanics MULTIPLE times who even drove it in the rain and they couldn’t find a single thing wrong. they hooked the transmission up to the computer and noticed nothing

it has happened multiple times and its both been raining

could it be the tires arent grpping the road and thats why my cars shifting funy, like the tires arent caught up?

Your complaint is a little murky; mainly the part about hitting the gas to shift into second when or during a complete stop.

Does this mean AFTER you take off in first gear and attempt to shift into second?
I’m assuming this is a manual transmission but for clarity’s sake is this correct?

It’s difficult to determine whether the tires are breaking loose in the rain or whether this is an ignition stutter; both of which can be caused my water.

Its a automatic

If you mean this happens as the transmission shifts into second gear and especially if driven aggressively then yes, tires can break loose on wet pavement and especially if the tires are aged.

If this is an ignition stutter due to rain this is usually due to aged spark plugs and faulty plug boots. The use of dialectric grease during replacement will also help.

The problem only happens during rain. Two mechanics can’t find the same malfunction. Change your driving style-problem solved.

Drivability symptoms – especially engine stuttering – only occurring when it is raining, the first place to focus your att’n pretty much has to be something in the high voltage portion of the ignition system. You need to disprove that as the cause, before assuming it is something else.

Does the check engine light come on when this happens? Even if it doesn’t, have the diagnostic codes stored in ECM memory been queried using a scan tool?

A Chrysler TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) Addresses 08 & 09 Avenger/Sebring 2.0L DOHC 16v Equipped, Customer Complaints Of A Vibration Feeling While Accelerating From A Stop Or From Rolling At Low Speeds.

Bulletin 21-006-12 calls for a Clutch & Damper Kit and estimates 4.8 hours labor (for vehicles under warranty). (No mention of wet weather.)