Car shifts weird when raining

i got new brakes pu ton lats month (semi-metalic)

anyway i was driving to work and it was raining , roads were wet and my car was shifting weird after comng to a complete stop. once i went it would shift into first gear hard

i took it to a mechanic but he couldnt find a problem

then it was fine, no problem but today it was raining an dmy car did the same thing. anytime i went when a light turned green or his the gas after being at a stop sign. the car would stutter as it shifted into first gear. like it would go , then act like it was stuck and then shift

it has only happened twice and its both been raining

also my tires are really really bad

could it be the tires arent grpping the road and thats why my cars shifting funy, like the tires arent caught up?

pu ton lats ?
raining an dmy car ?
its both been raining ?

Sorry to be negative, but you will get more help if you did a simple spell check.

You are risking your life with “really really bad” tires, get them replaced first of all.


It would help to know the make, year and mileage, especially since it happens when it’s raining. It could be misfiring due to old ignition wires or distributor cap when wet or, as @BillRussell mentioned, wheel spin due to bald tires.

It could also be a bad front brake hose. If it’s locking up after applying the brakes…the transmission has to fight the resistance in order to shift correctly. I’ve seen this before.

Please define what “really really bad” means. How much tread is left? Have you reached the wear bars? If so, you’re being negligent by driving this car with illegal tires, especially on wet roads. If you injure someone in a crash, you’re likely to be sued.

My guess is that you’re describing a loss of traction when accelerating. You need to replace these tires anyway, so start with that and see what happens.

Depending on the car, it could be the Traction control kicking in as the tires are spinning or just the tires pinning. Replace the tires. Running on bald tires can kill you or kill who ever you hit.

anytime i went when a light turned green or his the gas after being at a stop sign. the car would stutter as it shifted into first gear.

Automatic transmissions don’t shift into first gear when you hit the gas. It’s already in first gear. Does sound like an engine misfire.

If it’s the engine stuttering in the rain, then replace wires, cap and coil. This depends on if the car has wires. If not, it could be a cracked Coil On Plug that is arching when damp.

It seems like you are describing an engine misfire or a transmission that is not shifting smoothly.
Trannys dont like when the engine is misfiring…it confuses the Auto trans computer and it doesnt shift smoothly when that condition exists. Many times you will get a flashing CEL accompanied by this…which normally indicates a serious transmission issue… But the transmission issue turns out to be an engine that is not applying input power smoothly.

The other thing I want to mention is to check that the two tires up front (Assuming that it is front wheel drive) I need to assume a lot here because we have no clue what the Year Make and Model are here…which is kind of info we need.

What I am getting at is that the driven wheels tire diameter is extremely important…esp on a front drive vehicle. You DO NOT want tires of differing outer circumference on a front drive vehicle…on any vehicle really. So that is something I would look into here as well.

We need to know what you are driving before we can help further. This is a Bare Minimum of info we require on any car question


Did you ever figure out what this was. My friend 8s having the same issue. I’m pretty sure his timing is already off and he needs a new distributor so I’d like to find out what your issue was so I can maybe have to do less work figuring out his issue

Robert , knowing what this original poster did or did not do will not help you. As noted the post was hard to read and had bad tires. .
Please start your own thread and what is an 8s . Fix the distributor and the timing before doing anything else.

I can’t shift when it rains please help me

You can help us to help you by giving us the information that you failed to provide.
What is the make and model of your vehicle?
What is its model year?
Does it have an automatic transmission, or a manual trans?

When you state that you “can’t shift”, does that mean you are unable to move the shift lever?