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2008 Dodge Avenger

I have a Dodge avenger 2008(was purchased new unlike my current username). It has had no prior issues until 3 days ago. I took approximately a 20 mile run with no issue. On the return trip via interstate, once on the exit ramp - car would shake and repeatedly “thump” very noticeably - much like going over speed strips or going slightly off the interstate onto the bumps. Also, seemed to run down gas quicker than normally. The next day drove a mile at about 40mph. No issue. The following trips-even 4-5 miles on interstate the problem would happen each time, seemingly after heating up? and only on interstate trips. Stopped the car and felt the lugnuts. The two front were extremely hot. The back two warm but not too hot to touch - probably just from sun exposure. The car has aprox 31000 miles and is out of warranty. Any ideas?

Sounds like possibly a brake caliper that’s partially seized. Unusual for a car that new, but not impossible. I don’t suppose you can blame poor old Chrysler for that one since the calipers are manufactured by one of their suppliers… assuming that is the problem… You should have it checked. (obviously)

Thanks for your quick response. What would cause a caliper on each side to do this as it is both front tires? Is it possible if they are manually pulled back they will reset themselves? I would like to try to fix this without a shop if possible…have SOME experience with working on cars and have the help of someone with limited experience (changing brakes etc…) Is there anything that can be tried to fix this without a costly repair bill or if necessary a reasonable estimate for this type of problem? Thanks in advance.