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2008 dodge avenger

I have a 2008 dodge avenger that stalls without warning while I am driving. It happens without any warning signs, happens when I am driving and also when I stop the car. The dealer can’t find a thing wrong with it. Any idea what’s wrong with it? It starts right up after this happens and they tell me my vin number isn’t part of a recall for a problem that I have read that other people have with their 2008 avengers.

So Chrysler Says It’s Not Your Tires . . . Tire Pressure Monitoring System, That Is.

I see that the Recall is only for 07-08 Sebrings with the standard TPMS (sales code LAB) built through 01/24/08. An unused connector behind the splash shield in the L/F fender area can corrode and cause a short on some vehicles. They “fix” them by clipping off the connector and apply heat-shrink tubing to the wire ends.

You could always pull the shield off and have a look at your’s. However, there are other causes for stalling and the Recall may be a red herring.

Are they finding no DTCs (diagnostic trouble codes) ? I’d suspect possibly a CKP (crankshaft positon) sensor problem.

Guess what ? I do see a Chrysler TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) written for Chyrsler technicians that discusses a problem with 2008 only Sebrings and Avengers, pertaining to an intermitten connection at the CKP sensor. The bulletin mentions rough idle and / or MIL illumination (“Check Engine” light) and DTCs set. It applies to cars with the 2.0L or 2.4L engine (sales codes ECN, ED3,or EDG) and built in a narrow window of 11/12/07 - 12/08/07.

Which engine do you have ?

Technicians are to check for DTCs and using a scan tool and “wiggle test” the wires at the CKP connector. If a problem is found then a wiring repair kit (05183453AB) that uses gold terminals is available. The 4 page TSB outlines the repair procedure.

Did the dealer check this out ? I’d ask and if not, have them check this.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Keep the communications coming.