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2008 Cobalt--should I even bother getting with getting the recall done?

Recently, I bought a 2008 Chevy Cobalt as surplus from PennDot. Good car, BTW.

The upshot is that I do not believe that it has had the ignition recall performed on it prior to my purchase. (It did mention a “recall complied with,” but I think that refers to the “stopgap” fix of designing new keys with a hole vs. slot.)

Now, as I understand it, my '08 was manufactured after the change was made to the ignition switch…BUT, if the car ever had the ignition switch replaced, it MIGHT have been replaced with one of the old-style ignitions (but you’d never know one way or the other, thanks to no part number revision.)

It seems to me that, even for a free service, the benefit is mighty slim, given that a) it is most likely the ignition switch is factory, and b) even if it isn’t, the odds are pretty good it got a later, conforming switch. I guess the only issue is if I ever sell this car to somebody other than the scrapman, which is my habit.

What would you do?

I’d compare the force required to turn the key off with a few other cars (by hand). If I couldn’t feel that it’s significantly easier on the Cobalt, I’d forget it.

I just had the recall done on my 2010 Cobalt last week for my own piece of mind. There is a difference in the turning effort (better) and now I have 2 extra ignition keys. The new keys are cut the same as the old ones.

Ed B.

At any dealer…
They will run the VIN and tell you if the recall has been done.
If not, they will do it.

I’d do it.

Contact a dealer and give them your VIN. They will tell you what recall work still needs to be done. If they tell you the ignition switch was replaced, then there is no need to get it done. But there might be other recalls that you could schedule. Just don’t expect them to have the parts immediately.

Yep just have the vin checked and do it if it hasn’t been done. I got a recall notice on mine and just waiting for a notice when the parts are available. Now look at it from a liability stand point even if remote. You were notified of a recall but didn’t do it. You have an accident due to the recall and kill someone or yourself. It’d be a field day for the other party to claim negligence on your part.

Get it done.

I’d have it done just for peace of mind.

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