Update on the new bought Chevy Cobalt 2007

Guys. Update time. It was a very good day to own a Chevy Cobalt today!.

So today I got my title transferred, registration done and the emergency brake fixed for free at the dealership. I had ordered the Viper car lock from Amazon and I received it today. So whenever I leave the car for an extended period of time, I shall be putting it on. It fixes over the steering wheel, and cannot be taken off unless it is opened by the key. Even if you cut the steering wheel, it cannot be taken off. The dealer told me that the previous owner had installed a very good aftermarket alarm system on the car. The central locking is thus, not stock. The car alarm system beeps frequently, but on cue, and seems to cover for many things. I might buy a lojack (700$) later, but Having this in hand, I promptly have cancelled the comprehensive insurance policy on the car; I just have collision and liability from Geico.

I have a gps, and an ipod , which can connect to the stereo. I keep the ipod and the gps in the glove compartment of the car, away from plain view. The car has tinted windows.

At the dealership, I got the emergency brake replaced and the HID lights taken off. They were burnt out, and IMO, a waste, especially for a car with suspect electronics.

I got new lights from Autozone for 11$ and got them fitted on. I had earlier also bought clay and wax to detail the car from the outside from the same Autozone. I changed the air filter (13$) and to get rid of the light cigarette smell in the car, bought air freshener.

The emissions and safety inspection was done, and passed at the dealership. I still have 6,000 miles to go to get the next 30,000 mile maintenance done.

Thus, I just need:

To pass the theory and practical drivers license test.

Rubber mats for the driver and passenger—Walmart

Doughnut or full size spare tyre (whichever fits in the trunk; full size preferred)----Junkyard.

Seat covers ---- Walmart?

New cover for the stick shifter—Walmart?

Cheap, ground coffee beans, to keep in the car to absorb the cigarette smell.

Ozoid ozone spray after the coffee bean treatment?—ebay.

I would like the boards comments on the above points that I have mentioned.



Also, my manual transmission cobalt gives me 24 mpg according to the computer in Houston driving, which is a mixture of freeway and heavy stop and go.

What can I do, except for giving the car to the dealer and asking him to help out?

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CLiffs note version of my Blog post:

  1. Should I get a lojack for 600$ or is it not worth it? My car is worth 7100$ ?

  2. Where can I get the parts:
    a. Rubber floor mats,
    b. Cloth seat covers washable
    c. cover for stick shifter
    d. Spare tyre (doughnut/full size)

I’d double think canceling the comprehensive. There’s a lot more that can happen than just getting stolen.

  1. I think comprehensive coverage is worth more than LoJack. Personally, if one of my cars ever got stolen I wouldn’t want it back.

  2. Almost any auto parts store sells a, b, and c, and there are multiple online sources. This is the stuff that made J C Whitney famous.

  3. d. You mean the car doesn’t have a spare tire? Junk yard.

I’ll second that. Fire (even from your own engine), falling trees (hurricanes in Houston/Galveston), hail, etc., etc, all come under comprehensive. Another way to look at it: how many years’ comprehensive premium is covered by that $600 lojack?

My personal take on insurance – automobile comprehensive or collision; homeowners/renters – is to keep the premiums low by making the deductible as high as you can afford to lose. And then drive carefully. Regarding liability, consider an umbrella policy, which GEICO will link to your auto policy.

No, I do not sell insurance. I only buy it.

Guys, you know what my premium is for six months with comprehensive, collision, liability, with 500$ deductible on the first 2?

999.000$ for six months! I dont have a damn license in the US yet! I drive safer than 99% of Houston drivers!!!

without comprehensive it goes to 750$ for six months

without collision it goes down to 66$ a month for 6 months, totally around 350$.

I am going to remove the collision soon too. I drive pretty carefully, I know, and shall be using the car sparingly.

Is auto theft really that much a problem where you live? I mean a steering wheel lock, an aftermarket alarm, and you’re considering Lo-Jack? You’re not protecting Fort Knox, you’re protecting a pretty common car.

I live near RIce University in Houston. Auto theft is not very common here. What do you think about the insurance issues?

LOL. So true the lojack will tell you where to find the car that is now missing wheels, airbags, and a computer or two. All these are 30 second items to remove with a professional crew. The molotov cleans the fingerprints and you have a lojack equipped $400 piece of scrap steel. Thats what I see in new york. If they have time they take the doors too.

so why spend money on the other stuff which does nothing to protect your investment in the car? Lojack is a joke. Anything you attach to the steering wheel slow the professional theif only until they stop laughing. Liquid nitrogen and a hammer fixes all these lame devices and they can strip the car in 1.5 min. Toss in a torch and done.

The problem is you have no history of driving in the us. The insurance co has no history on you. This will change over time. Even my kids will have the same issue when they get new drivers license. It is how new license drivers get started here. I will probably pay even more because drivers under 21 get absolutely soaked in huge premiums. $2000 per year in an inner city is not too high if you have no US insurance history.

Your best bet is to park this car in a storage shed. Get a working 1990 pickup truck with liability only. This would save you the insurance premium for a whole year at least. Plus you can park this $500 truck anywhere with the keys in it and the doors unlocked.

I don’t think a Chevy Cobalt is high on the list of most stolen cars. I’d skip the expense for a LoJack. The steering wheel lock isn’t going to do much either but if it makes you feel more secure fine, the cost is low.

Car mats can be bought just about anywhere, AutoZone, Walmart, Sears, etc. I’d suggest spending money on maintenance, and skip seat covers, gear shift covers etc. They don’t fit well usually and tend to look cheap.

If the car is totalled you’ll only get up to the current book value, close to $7,000 now and less next year, and every year thereafter. Where I live you need comprehensive if you expect to have insurance fix your car after hitting a deer. Perhaps you should consider raising your deductables up to say $2,000. Then you are covered for a major loss, but pay less premiums because you’ll have to bear lessor losses yourself. In about 4 years you can drop all coverages other than liability as the value of the car will be fairly close to your deductable anyway.

anybody recommend a Ravelco switch for 400$. Or a simple 20$ ebay kill switch ??

fuggedabbout it I just bought a Ravelco on ebay for 33 bucks. Now I need to get it installed by a professional

Why are you so afraid that someone will steal your car? You’re worrying, and spending money, needlessly.

You can spend as much as you want, and take all the precautions you can think of, but if a professional car thief REALLY wants to steal your car, he will. Nothing you do will stop him, and you’ll have spent all that money for nothing. A good car thief can steal any car in less than a minute, without triggering any alarms, and regardless of any device you have installed.

I laugh whenever I see one of those steering wheel locking sticks on a sub-$10,000 car. What’s the point? Walk around the parking lot, dude, and look. Do you see $50,000 cars with Viper car locks on their steering wheels? How about $30,000 cars? $20,000 cars?

Do you see anything other than cheap, easily replaceable cars with Viper locks on their steering wheels?

You have a “new” car, and you’re paranoid about it. This is normal, I suppose, but you have to get over it. It’s a car. Nothing more. It’s special to you, but all the seat covers, floor mats, stick shift covers, etc, on the planet aren’t going to make it more desirable to thieves, or anyone else.

We’re all delighted that you’re having so much fun with your new car. I suggest you quit worrying about it being stolen and just have fun driving it.

And quit wasting your money on things that don’t matter. Save your money for maintenance. You’ll need it.

You Seem Anxious About Something “Happening” To Your Car. I Understand That. Ordinarily Cars Are A Person’s Second Biggest Expense After Housing.

Face it, your owning and operating a vehicle in this country is going to be expensive. As pointed out, the cost should start coming down as you build a good driving record.

The good news is that there is something available to make you less nervous and that will allow you to sleep better. It is called insurance. I err on the side of caution when it comes to insuring everything, cars, home, boats, life, liability, etcetera. I carry coverage well beyond “normal” levels and I’m at ease and sleep quite well.

Relax and fork over the extra $40 per month and keep the liability, collision, and comprehensive. Later, when you feel more comfortable with the car and the dangers of ownership, you can consider adjusting the coverage.

What’s it worth to you to be able relax? If it’s worth 10 bucks a week, keep all the coverages for now.