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2008 Chrysler Aspen transmission trouble

Dealer soldered the wires that control the shifting of auto transmission stating it was then working perfectly. Wrong it doesn’t ever go into overdrive so gas mileage is horrible. Plus the shift points are wrong - doesn’t shift to high gear til about 65-70 mph.
I heard the solenoid for the overdrive is inside the transmission. Transmission on this auto has lifetime warranty. Is failure to go into overdrive likely to be related to this part inside the transmission?

Really ? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Some dealers offer a “lifetime warranty”. No idea how that works if you try to actually use the warranty, though…

If it has a lifetime warranty, can you not show the dealer that it won’t shift into overdrive?

that is the plan. The Chrysler warranty is what covers the transmission for life on this auto so long as kept by original owner and I purchased new. I called Chrysler on another previous visit about coverage and Chrysler denied an electrical item that was related to the transmission. So my hope is that if the solenoid is inside the transmission and is causing the failure to go into overdrive that it will be a warranty item that Chrysler can’t deny coverage. (Chrysler recognizes the original owner lifetime transmission warranty for the vehicle).