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2008 Chrysler Town & Country Transmission

I have a 2008 Chrysler Town&Country. 3.3 liter v-6. The transmission light is on and I am having intermittent shifting issues.

I had this looked at before and they said it was a dirty sensor and fixed it. Six months later it is happening again.

1-Is this normal?

2-Is this something I can fix? If so, where is this sensor located?

By 2008, wasn’t Chrysler offering a “lifetime” warranty on their transmission?
If you have any warranty coverage on the transmission, you should not even consider spending any of your time or money on fixing the problem.

No, it is not normal.
No, you should not fix it yourself.
Hold Chrysler’s feet to the fire, so to speak, as long as you have warranty coverage remaining.

Isn’t this vehicle still under warranty? If so, take it to your Chrysler dealer and let them fix it. It should be free.

Why would you want to fix it yourself?

I did call the Chrysler dealership. It is no longer under warranty. I bought it used with 10k miles on it. They said the warranty went out at 36k. This is why I was looking to see if it was a quick fix and if I could clean the sensor.

Did you read the warranty to verify, or are you willing to take the dealer’s word? If it’s no longer under warranty I suggest you find an independent mechanic and skip the dealer.