2005 Uplander takes a while to shift into gear when it starts to get cold

…there is never an issue when the weather is warm, but as soon as the first cold day in September in New York occurs, we usually have to wait 5 minutes or longer to shift the car into reverse or drive.
We have taken the car to several repair shops to deal with this nuisance repair, and no one seems to want to investigate. Any ideas anyone? Thanks!!

You’re dealing with a transmission issue so a general repair shop won’t do. Ask around to find the best locally owned, independent shop in your area that specializes in transmission work. (i.e. not a national chain operation such as AAMCO or Cottman). Take it there for an evaluation.

Is it safe to assume that you have at least checked the transmission fluid? How many miles are on the car & what - specifically - has been done in terms of transmission service over its life?

Also, are you the original owner? Is this a change in operating characteristics?

If you’re the original owner and it’s a change in operation, or if you’re unsure, follow Cig’s advice. Be aware, however, that automatic trannys do take longer to shift when the weather gets cold. As the temperature continues to drop below freezing the condition become more pronounced. When it drops below 20F it can take seeminglty forever.

This has been going on for a few years now, and we had a new transmission installed in December at 100K miles. Yes, we are the original owners. So this issue has continued BOTH BEFORE and AFTER transmission replacement.

At what temperatures?

Thank you for the comments.

It usually starts, annually :(, around the first coldish day in September. Sometimes it will engage right away, but if you are running an errand and the car has not been running for too long, it will not shift into gear
after initially going into reverse or drive.