2008 Chevrolet Uplander - Looking for a good deal on a transmission

does anybody know where I can find a good 4T65-E transmission for a 2008 Chevrolet uplander look for a good deal on one to buy for my SUV.

How far do you want to travel since you did not say what country you are located in ?

Frankly just have quotes from a couple of local independent transmission shops then decide.


Are you looking to buy a transmission and install it yourself?

Are you looking to get your transmission rebuilt?

A Google search will turn up rebuilt ones all over the place, and there are used ones on Ebay. Any recycling yard will be glad to help you find one. I don’t understand your problem.

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$400-600 for used ones. My area. 4t65-e is used in many gm cars. Not hard to find cheaper ones private party. But as-is.

All I can say is op had better find one for a 2008 Uplander

Just because some other cars also used the 4T65E doesn’t mean they’re all the same and will work on all models and years

Even if they bolt up and everything plugs in is no guarantee