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'87 Chevy S-10 transmission

My '87 Chevy S-10 transmission slips like mad in forward gears and I can’t go everywhere in reverse. The truck is gaaged in southern Virginia about 60 miles from my home and is used on some country property. The local transmission shop wants $1600 to rebuild the trans. He says he used sturdier parts than the replacement GM parts. Anybody know anything? I’d like to fix the truck because it comes in handy and was my dad’s old mode of transportation around the Va. countryside, so it has sentimental value.

Since the vehicle is over 25 years old the only replacement transmission I would consider would be a used one. Check your local salvage yards. The transmissions should be plentiful.

As ‘missleman’ recommended go to your local truck recycler and hunt down a replacement. If this is a 5 speed T-5, you might have a hard time finding one. But, if it is a T-4, you should have no problem. If you have a T-5, you might consider going down to the T-4 which does not have overdrive. Here in California a more modern T-5 goes for $500 or so

Does the transmission grind when you have it in any forward gear but 4th? Can you get a solid 4th gear engagement? It appears that you do have a solid reverse engagement so that would rule out a slipping clutch. In any case, do a clutch test where you try to stall the engine against locked wheels. Have you checked the lubricant level in the transmission. The T-5 and T-4 will start to leak if the tapered roller bearings lose their preload.

Hope this helps

It would be helpful if we knew if it was a manual or automatic transmission…If manual, then it sounds more like the clutch is shot, not the transmission…But if it’s an automatic, then $1400 is a good price for a rebuild…But the truck, running, is only worth half that…