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4T65-E Transmission

I own a 2002 Monte Carlo SS 3.8 6cyl. I believe it has a 4T65-E transmission.

On a regular basis if I drive 20 miles out of town, on my way back the transmission starts to shift hard (long shift?).From my research online, the 4T65-e is a faulty transmission to begin with. Is it worth replacing the Shift and Pressure solenoids? If I were to buy a new transmission where should I look? What are some model numbers?

Oil, trans fluid, filters are changed on regular basis.New catalytic converter. No Check Engine Light.

TB from Oklahoma

GM fwd trans are fairly dependable. 14 yrs is a good run. A rebuilt install will cost $2k. Maybe a bit more. Depends if u really want to keep car. None of my Grand Prix gtp’s had issues. But the gt did. Go figure.

Advance Auto shows $1500 for a rebuilt trans. If you want to do this job yourself, Google should help you find a quality replacement at a good price. I’d say @Cavell is pretty close on the cost with an independent shop doing the work. Depends a lot on the condition of the car. You could try solenoid replacement if you don’t want to drop $2000. Its a gamble but not a terribly expensive one.

Changing the solenoids is not a gamble. Check for code P1811 stored in the computer. It will confirm a slow pressure control solenoid. Mine did not set the check engine light. $450 later the trans shop had it all fixed. They changed all the solenoids behind the side cover and did a fluid change. All is good now. Well known problem with that transmission. Google it.

Suggest to get a well-recommended inde transmission shop to help on this. They might suggest to start with just a proper service, drop the pan, replace the filter, and a refill w/fresh fluid. If that helps, but doesn’t solve it, they might do it again after you driving it for a week. They’ll also be able to read the transmission codes, and will have a gauge to check the various fluid circuit pressures.