2008 Chevrolet Corvette - Suspension question

Car lift arms will not go under the front. But will go under the back. Is this bad shocks.

has your vette been lowered or stock height?
this forum might be able to help you if you dont find the answer here…
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and are you using the correct lift points? and lift pucks.
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Stock height.

Marty , not sure what you expect here . You have not said why you posted - what shop is trying to work on your Corvette - without seeing your Corvette or the lift not much can be said to solve this.

Lift ramps are used so the arms on the lift will fit under some vehicles.


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Bad shocks don’t usually cause this, it’s more likely a sagging transverse leaf spring (if it is actually lower than spec, may not be).


Agree with @texases This is a low car, period. It is NOT the shocks, they don’t determine ride height. The springs determine ride height.

They can sag a little after 13 years but can be adjusted up a bit by turning the screw in this picture on each side of the front.


A lot of corvette owners lower their cars by doing as above. so you can raise the front up and most likely the back to keep it even or use something like race ramps like Tester suggested to raise the front enough to get the lift arms under.