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My Corvette sits 1 1/2" lower on the left side. It is very noticeable when looking at the car from the rear. I know that you can lower the car by using different spring bolts or by loosing up existing bolts. Been looking for someone that could solve this problem but no one seems to know what to do. Is there anyone in the area that “specializes” in corvette repair???

Well, fortunately, the World Wide Web covers only one planet, at least for the time being. That one planet is still fairly sizeable though, so do you think you could be a little more clear what you mean by “the area”?

Or perhaps you could just check the Mechanics Files on this site for a recommendation …

What year vette, and where abouts do you live?

Depending on how old your Vette is, and if its been primarily driven with only the driver in it, the best bet might be to either refresh the springs in it, front and rear, or simply swap the right to the left, and the left to the right.

Then in a couple more years of being a single occupant vehicle, the car will be level again.


There’s a great Corvette specialty shop here in Atlanta off of 85-N inside the perimeter. But, if you live in Michigan or Texas, that bit of info does you no good.

The riding height of the corvette is set in the rear by the correct spring being bolted to the chassis at the middle and then a bolt at the end of the spring where it connects to the chassis so you can raise or lower the car height, see diagram 1. You should check the back end of the car with a carpenter’s four-foot level, rent or buy. This will tell you when the back is level and both sides are at the same height from the ground.
The suspension parts set the front of the car height to the ground, see diagram 2. By changing the height of the A-Frame on either side will affect the height of the car. Someone could have modified either the A-Frame arms; the pivot joint or the coil springs. The coil springs should have a tag on them indicating a GM code, which should match your car model. There is also a diagram 4 that shows the correct mounting heights. The corvette body is attached to the frame by eight body bolts, see diagram 3 which are shimmed to get the correct height, assuming that there was no change to the front or rear suspension. Someone could have changed out one or more of these connections to cause the difference in body height, although this is a very tedious job and requires a good mechanics set of tools, jacks and labor. Good Luck and be precise in identifying what has broken or was modified. Rob Kollar