Honda - Locked shocks



Today I had the oil changed in my 1998 CRV at the local Honda dealership. When I got it back, the ride was extremely rough. I took it back to the dealership and the report was that, for some unknown reason, when the car is lifted the suspension drops and sometimes the older shocks lock. Therefore, the shocks are not operating properly. The technicians do not have a fix for the locked shocks other than replacement.

Has anyone heard of this, or is this a ploy to get more money?


Thats a load of horse manure, they damaged your car by not lifting it properly and they owe you a repair. It may cost a lot more than just struts, they may have bent the frame or the lower control arms.

BTW, if you have any doubts, go bounce on the bumper, if you can make the vehicle go up and down, the struts are not locked, and they are called struts, not shocks.


I beg to differ. That happened on my Buick. Hoisted it up on the rack and when it came down it rode like a lumber wagon. New rear shocks fixed it and I only had about 300K on the shocks. Yes if they are worn and get fully extended as on a rack, they can lock up and not function any more. On the bright side, they probably needed replacement anyway, you just never knew it.


I agree with Bing, I’ve seen it happen as well.


[b]I’ve seen this happen too.

When the vehicle is lifted and the suspension is allowed to hang, something goes wrong with the valving inside the old shocks. And they can’t be compressed to save your soul.