2008 Chevrolet Corsica - High Fuel Consumption

high petrol consumption

What country are you in . . . ?

There is no such thing as a 2008 Chevrolet Corsica in the USA

That said . . .

Does the car smell pig rich when it’s idling?

Is the coolant temperature even getting up to proper operating temperature?

Could be the engine’s continuously in open loop . . .

Check engine light on?

If so, what are the codes?

Thanks for your reply

I am in UAE it’s Chevrolet epica 2008

No codes are showing

No engine light on

Just late ignition till third or fourth time,

And very high fuel consumption


You will need to define your dissatisfaction.

This week a customer complained of “burning too much gas”, the vehicle was getting 21 MPG, the EPA rating is 22 MPG. Driving lessons would help to improve the fuel economy but we do not offer that service.

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Yes, that could be a statement of fact, even for one maintained. The 1996 Corsica (US model) was rated at 18 city / 27 highway, if it had the V6 engine. If you get 12 k/l on the open road (70 MPH) you are doing well. The 2008 model Corsica might be under a different name in the U.S.

27 highway is good for US cars of that vintage.

The OP already clarified that it is a…

… which is a Daewoo-designed vehicle, totally different from anything sold in The US. As a result, we can’t even refer to EPA stats in order to determine the gas mileage of which the car is capable.

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A thermostat that’s stuck open is one possibility.

You’ve checked that your tires are at the proper pressure, I hope?

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Thanks… missed that while looking it up. The UK magazine CAR says (converted from Imp gallons to US) it gets 38MPG for the diesel, and 28MPG for gas. (It was a 2008 article, so I assume that was the older, higher, rating.)

The most common reason for reduced mpg: The engine isn’t reaching the correct coolant temperature. What is your dash coolant temp gauge saying once the engine is warmed up?

Two things to check.

A thermostat that’s stuck open, or a faulty coolant temp sensor for the computer.