Corsica white

i have a 95 3.1 corsica and it runs smooth except that the engine surges slightly at idle and sometimes even dies what can cause this thanks

IAC circuit. There are other possibilities, but that’s a good place to start.

Relatedly you can look for vacuum leaks - the first suspect is unmetered air into the intake - IAC problems will do that as will vacuum leaks.

thanks guys i never thought of that ill try it and get back in a couple days

was wondering if spraying it down with carb cleaner will do anything thanks

Or, you could use a propane torch (unlit, of course). With the engine idling, play the propane around areas where a vacuum leak can occur. If the rpm goes up, you’ve found a vacuum leak.
Be sure to check the large air intake tube for cracks and proper sealing.

Not sure what you’re planning to spray down. My preferred method to search for intake leaks is described below by hellokit. I’d use intake or carb cleaner to clean out the IAC valve - it will need to be removed for that.

the iac was the problem thanks guys