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2008 Chevrolet Cobalt - No fluids

My car would not start when mechanic checked by starting to take engine apart he found there was no oil or radiator fluid and no sight of any leak of either he had done oil change 2 weeks earlier

Would you like to ask us a question about this?

did you drive for 2 weeks with no oil? probably not.
do you have a leak somewhere? maybe.
is he supposed to check coolant level during oil change? no.
no oil. and no red oil pressure light on dash?
no coolant and no overheating light on dash?
no funny smells in last 2 weeks?

Those are the key questions.
I wonder if we will get answers to those questions…

Probably not, just like so many here lately .

Yep, another good idea shot to heck. They just wouldn’t believe what made this a unique place and went for hits instead.