Extended storage

I have a 2004 Chevy Colorado 5cyl Automatic with 10,500 Mi. It sat in an unheated garage untouched for over 5yrs with out any preparation whatsoever. It started with no hesitation after replacing the battery. I changed the oil and filter along with replacing the wiper blades. Should I replace the other fluids ? coolant, transmission differential? Any other advice?

The major issue is your fuel. It breaks down after that time period.

I’d replace any and all the fluids you can, you did good.

I too would sure replace the gasoline, even though it started…Old gasoline can degrade into a nasty varnish / asphalt substance that can really gum things up… The tires are now 8 years old, look at them carefully…Change the coolant…

You can replace any fluid you can find, including the air in your tires, if it will make you feel better. But the fact that the engine started right up and idled normally indicates your fuel is OK. Drive it for a day or two and refuel. Then check the coolant for a dirty appearance. If it seems normal, you’re good to go.

Thanks for the advice. I’ve been driving it for about a month now with no apparent problems. Sears did the oil change a few days ago and strongly recomended I replace the fluids mentioned. My main concern would be the transmition fluid and filter. Any thoughts?

I would do the coolant and the brake fluid.

The trans fluid is probably fine until 30K - the basic interval at which the fluid/filter should get a change.