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Electronic failure and oil over fill

Hello, so I was driving my cobalt and once I got to the freeway and sped up at a fast rate my electronics slowly started turning off(dash lights radio ect) followed by the car itself. I called a tow truck and they suggested just boosting it. It was having a tough time starting. Just spinning and grinding and clunking.

The tow drink driver said to check the oil, which read 0 oil. It didn’t make sense since I just changed the oil a couple months ago and have saw no leaks. I topped it up with about 2 quarts. It eventually started very rough. Bucking and misfiring when it did start. Managed to drive it home and when stopped at a red light it would buck and misfire like crazy. Once I home I added 2 more quarts.

Next day now(didn’t drive it since), there was oil leaking everywhere and upon checking the dipstick it was reading twice the amount over the fill line, a good 3-4 inches on the stick it self. So I just drained all the oil and refilled it. Now it doesn’t even start, I just get a spinning sound with some click/clunk sounds occasionally. So many things at once has me confused where to start.

The first thing to do is remove the valve cover, and see if the oil drain-back hole on the head is plugged