Rubbing noise on my Luxury school bus Yellow 2006 Chevrolet Aveo (LS Luxury Sedan)

When I am going onto the highway using a clover leaf ramp system and I am turning right I hear a rubbing noise. What could it be one of my friends says is wheel bearings and another says that it might be brakes. It only happens on the on or off ramp when turning right. there is a bit of reduced braking as wall.

Where are you hearing the noise from on the car?
The left?
The Right?
The Front?
The Back?

Have you had anyone actually look at the brakes to see if they are getting thin?


Brakes are a possibility. Bearings are a possibility. A bent dust shield is a possibility.

You need to get this to a repuatable shop. Only by putting the car on a lift and looking can anyone diagnose the cause.

hi sorry the left front the car has 70k and probly needs the brakes done but I would like to know ahead of time.

If it sounds like two pieces of metal rubbing together, it probably is the brakes. If it sounds like a propeller, it might be the wheel bearing. In either case, you should not drive it.